Features Academic and Non-Commercial Basic Advanced Enterprise OEM
Price FREE LifetimeBest for individual use $120 MonthlyBest for small websites

$160 MonthlyBest for medium businesses

$190 MonthlyBest for teams and collaborations

Visits 5,000 5,000 10,000 20,000  
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- support can be purchased for $50/hour by contacting our sales department at The Enterprise plan includes 2 hours of support monthly. If the prepaid support is exhausted, purchase is available at $50/hour.

FAQ Section

  • Why should I choose Open World Map?

    Open World Map is an affordable, quick and up-to-date mapping solution designed to effectively visualize the geographic data you require for your business applications. The map is regularly improved in accuracy and detail by contributions provided by client users.

  • Why would I pay for Open World Map’s Enterprise package, when OWM Personal is free?

    Open World Map is free of charge only when applied in non-commercial applications. If you are in need of a mapping platform with provided support, updates and maintenance, our Enterprise plan is the best solution. It’s suitable for large scale projects that are dependent upon 100% up-time and flawless performance.

  • Which plan is right for you?

    Explore Open World Map features in the free trial help you choose. If you still need help deciding which plan best meets your needs, please contact us. We will help Open World Map become a valuable part of your enterprise.

  • Can I cancel my subscription before the subscription period is over?

    Yes. There are two ways to cancel your subscription. You may cancel within one month of contract commencement and make no further payments. After the first month you may pay all remaining subscriptions to the end of the contract to have it terminated immediately. For additional information, contact our sales team.